We are seasoned film industry professionals – Meniscus (founded in 2009) produces Armour and Costume Props for the global screen industry. From our 1914 hand crank sewing machine to our state of the art 3D printers, we have an extensive workshop with highly skilled technicians that honour traditional craftsmanship and embrace innovative technologies

Services we offer

Meniscus Ltd was established by film professionals specialising in Armour and Costume Props servicing the Film industry.

They joined forces and premises with the accomplished team at Rubberband Ltd, who work in Props Manufacture, to produce Armour for Dracula untold in 2014 and separately and collectively have continued to supply beautiful, functional and durable elements to film and television.

Bringing decades of experience in both manufacture and on set application in specialty costume, Armour, Props and Set Dressing to every project we are involved in.

We are extremely aware and responsive to the dynamic needs of Film and Television projects and can develop a delivery timeframe to suit your schedule and budget across the globe. We can facilitate single hero elements, specialist stunt items or arm and armour a full background army.

In our extremely well equipped workroom we employ a wide range of film professionals and artisans that can facilitate any job from concept through to art finishing set ready pieces.

From our 1914 hand crank sewing machine to our EMC injection molding system we have an extensive workshop that both honours traditional craftsmanship and embraces innovative technologies.

List of Facilities

  • Dual workrooms
  • Multiple spray booths and casting rooms
  • EMC injection molding system
  • Large and small scale painting apparatus
  • CNC router
  • Laser cutter
  • Drill mill
  • Wood and metal lathes
  • Leather splitter
  • Skiving machine 
  • Strap cutter
  • Multiple click press [20 tonne]
  • Drop saw
  • Table saw
  • Band saw
  • TIG welder
  • MIG welder
  • Multiple industrial sewing machine.
  • Foiling press
  • Specialist leather punches and setting tools, Power and hand tools too numerous to mention

Sculpting the dragon armour – Dracula Untold

Leather ‘coat of plates’ samples

Textile production hair on hide carpet – Jimmy Lousich interiors

Urethane and plastic ‘soft stunt’ armour elements & leather edging samples

Embossed leather plate armour – Private Commission.

‘Bronze look’ stunt plastic plate Israelite armour – Of Kings and Prophets

Prototype development. Full contact urethane and carbon fibre armour – UWM

Leather and urethane ‘Dragon’ armour – Dracula Untold

Section 9 live firing Sub Machine gun. One of over 450 Hero, live firing and stunt weapons. – Ghost in the Shell

WW1 Urethane bullet clips – WW1 Centenary

Stunt SAS tomahawks – 6 Days

200 x urethane replica functioning bolt action Lee Enfield rifles – The Great War exhibition

Urethane hands test – Museum mannequin display

Urethane fruit and vegetables. Part of 1500 market elements – Hobbiton

Flat screen monitor – Z for Zachariah

Majors surgical chair. Construction and upholstery – Ghost in the Shell


WW1 replica snake belts – Anzac Commemorations – Wingnut

Geisha Geta (sandals). Hollow urethane, tinted shell inlay – Ghost in the Shell

Leather element construction and art finishing – Light Between the Oceans

Tactical armour elements, munitions pouches, holsters – Ghost in the Shell

Boots Construction, art finishing – The Scale of our War exhibition- Weta Workshop & Te Papa.

Building frontage sign – The Great War exhibition

350 Candle Chandelier – KOKO design event

Quarter Scale Miniature – WW1 Centenary Museum installation for Localles.


‘How good it is to work with a dedicated, passionate team, willing to work both inside and outside of the box to realise the often overly ambitious designs of this costumer. The team operates with grace and humour (if the odd raised eyebrow) to provide high end solutions under the inevitable pressure of film deadlines … I love this crew!’

– Ngila Dickson, Costume Designer

Portfolio highlights

The New Legends of Monkey

Leads Armour Manufacture


Leads, Crowds and Stunt Armour Production

Mortal Engines

Armour Construction


Specialty Costume Props – Supervision and Manufacture

Ghost in the Shell

Costume Props, Props and Set Dressing Manufacture

The Light Between Oceans

Costume Props, Footwear, Props and Set Dressing Manufacture

Pete’s Dragon

Costume Props, Props Manufacture

Crouching Tiger Sword of Destiny

Footwear Manufacture

The Shannara Chronicles

Costume Armour element manufacture and Specialty Costume Props

Of Kings and Prophets

Armour Manufacture – leads, background and stunts

Marco Polo

Specialty props- Kublai Khan horse Armour

Dracula Untold

Armour Manufacture -Hero, background, stunt and set dressing.

The Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies

Costume Props Manufacture and Footwear Supervision

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Costume Props Manufacture and Footwear Supervision

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Costume Props Manufacture and Footwear Supervision

The Devils Rock

Costume Props, Props and Set dressing Manufacture


Costume Props elements


Costume Props elements

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